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We specialize in  Natural Cocoa Butter, Cocoa Liquor, Natural and Alkalized Cocoa Powder.  

Some of the countries we currently conduct business in are Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil, 

Macedonia, Turkey,  Spain, Latvia, Portugal, Germany, Ivory Coast and China.

Our reputation and business strength is due to the professionally equipped and able staff.  Our employees have experience in both our regional and international markets, as well as a deep commitment to serving our customers to their satisfaction. This is further enhanced by the innovative ideas of the management whom strive to create awareness of our products and to keep the company on par with the latest development of today's world. To keep up with  the high demand of the  cocoa products industry we have partnered with local cocoa processing plants in  Limbe - Douala and Abidjan - Ivory Coast. This milestone enables Metro Trades of New York  to provide very competitive prices in today’s  cocoa market. We are  looking forward to working with you and to satisfy your needs! A special message from Metro Trades Team : For the past few years we have met not only suppliers and clients but true friends and people whom have supported, trusted and believed in us.  A special Thanks to all of you ! Best, Metro Trades of New York

About us

Metro Trades of New York was founded in 2004 as an import-export commodity supplier to food industry wholesalers across the globe. 
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